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Friday, July 6th, 2007 @ 12:01 am | Outdoors

June 7th was the Transworld 25th anniversary/awards ceremony/new video premiere for “Let’s do this”. Paul and I drove from San Diego to Hollywood to meet Michelle who was coming from Santa Barbara to meet us there. 3 hours later we arrived. LA traffic sucks in case you didn’t know.

we arrived and had to park 4 blocks away. I worked well because we found a cool skatespot on the way. Waiting in line we saw Brandon Turner, Anthony Van Engelen (in a cast) hangin out outside. Inside at the open bar Daewon Song was chatting at a table, Dave Coyne wandered around, Andrew Reynolds was in the middle of everything but kept to himself and many random faces in skateboarding. After a few drinks and being star struck we made our way to the amphitheatre to watch the show.

Daewon, Hawk, Hosoi, Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Muska, and Smolik all announced the awards for this that and the other. Everyone kept paying respect to Shane Cross. It was cool to hear the skate community care so much about the tragedy. The video started and it went well. Naturally my luck would have it, of all people Sammy Baptista stood in front of me with a shorty’s crue. If anyone knows the beef I have with that cocky son of a bitch you will understand.

After the video was over we drove to Vegas (naturally) and spent the remainder of the weekend there. My laptop was stolen from my room but I did still have my photos. We skated the Durango Hills skatepark. It is, for lack of a better word, shit. however parts of it can be fun, just have a backup plan. There was beer, buffets, and drunken conversations that I will not give up for anything. In fact I will return again soon. this is a link to some of the photos taken with my point and shoot camera. I will post the good camera photos later.

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