The Streets of New York

Friday, August 21st, 2009 @ 1:05 pm | Art, Personal Assignment

New York is an amazing city. I can see why the locals just refer to it as “The City”. As if there is no other city worth referencing. Coming from Southern California I was excited to see the difference in culture, lifestyle, and art. The humidity of course got to me. I had difficulty sleeping at night because it was so hot and humid. Whoever invented humidity in the middle of the night needs to have their license revoked. As many photos as I took I must say that I am ashamed at the things that I saw that I did not capture. I missed the subway musicians and the arguments Tunnel to the skyacross the street from me. I missed the vendors selling Michael Jackson Memorobilia in Harlem and the lost tourists dragging their luggage behind them in death march fashion. But although I missed all of these moments I did still manage to capture a marching band performance that was unlike anything I had ever seen. Asphalt Orchestra is what they were called and half the show was the music while the other half was following them around as they performed in a very unorthodox fashion. How many shows have you been to that involved you running across the street through traffic to keep up?
Everywhere you look in the city there are things to see. Time Square is like walking through an entire network commercial break. In one spot I saw 9 video commercials being broadcast not to mention the billboards and signs everywhere. I even saw Jeff King on a commercial for Fuel TV.

Time Square

Time Square

Vertical Time Square

Vertical Time Square

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