The Gift Machine at Che Cafe

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 @ 6:59 am | Music, Photography Assignment

The Gift Machine is a great band out of San Diego/Seattle (kind of a strange mix but there’s story behind it) that recently played at The Che Cafe. I had a chance to photograph them. The Che Cafe is a small venue at UCSD in San Diego. It was a very intimate session and therefore difficult to walk around taking photos and not interrupt the audience. However I found that if I took photos sparingly and took a break from shooting for a few minutes at a time, the audience got used to my presence and forgot I was there. The Gift Machine was reviewed by Tiny Mixtapes also upon the release of their latest album, Goodbye/Goodluck.

petschek 090311 1364 The Gift Machine at Che Cafe petschek 090311 1391 The Gift Machine at Che Cafe

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