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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 @ 8:06 pm | Something Funny, spam email

So like everyone of us I receive tons of spam email. Everyone either wants to enhance my sex life or put me at the top of google ratings. As appealing as this may be I mark them all as junk and delete them all. But then one day I realized, there is a lot of work that goes into an email campaign. Someone has to come up with the enticing email and the correct verbage in order to maximize their efforts and entice you to buy their product or click their link. So in honor of all the hard work that goes into all of these emails that I just delete in a matter of seconds I decided to start posting them one at a time. Now you must understand that the language and spelling used in most of these emails is created from a lot of hard work and late nights as the advertising industry usually does. So although some of the spelling may be off or the grammar makes no fucking sense at all, it was all intentional in order to best reach their market.

Subject:How to Give a Girl ann Unforgettable Orcgasm

Body: How to Give a Gigrl an Unforgettable Orgassm www. pill77. net. East German traffci-light amn wins fresh battle

I must not be good in bed because I have never given a girl an orgasm with 2 S’s. What I like the best is that there is not even a link here or any way to find out more. But this is the intention right?

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