Silence Betrayed Product Shoot

Friday, October 9th, 2009 @ 9:35 am | Photography Assignment

I have been working with Silence Betrayed for some time now. In the last few months alone I already have some great stories. Buy me a beer some time and I will divulge. SB has come to a point where their products are selling like crazy. The next logical step is to make them accessible on the web, right? After the redesign of the Silence Betrayed Myspace they were able to do so. And of course yours truly had the opportunity to take photos of their product line.

SB merch production Silence Betrayed Product Shoot

backyard photography studio

I converted my backyard into my studio and used the roof overhang of my house as my background stands. We shot right after sunset so there was no ambient light to mess with. The greatest thing is are no walls reflect unwanted light back in but the white concrete was still a bottom fill. Check them out at

Petschek 091004 7880 Silence Betrayed Product Shoot

Silence Betrayed shirt - Womens

Petschek 091004 7870 Silence Betrayed Product Shoot

Silence Betrayed shirt - Mens

Petschek 091004 7877 Silence Betrayed Product Shoot

Silence Betrayed booty shorts

Petschek 091004 7959 Silence Betrayed Product Shoot

Collection of products from Silence Betrayed

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