Silence Betrayed at Brick By Brick

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 @ 6:47 am | Business

Silence Betrayed is a rockin local band in San Diego.

I met up with them through a few connections and they got it goin on. I photographed their show at Brick By Brick last month and they had a hell of a turn out. I took some press photos for them a couple weeks ago that I’ll be posting next week. I tried a few different techniques on this shoot and they really paid off. It was also my inspiration to start my music page at Check it out. Check out their myspace at betrayed. What kind of band woudl they be without a website. So here is their site as well, They got it goin on. You should definitely check them out while they are still local. What good is seeing a band when their huge if you can’t say you saw them when they weren’t?

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