Scream at World Beat Center

Monday, April 12th, 2010 @ 9:35 pm | editorial, Music
Scream at the World Beat Center

Music Photography

These photos are from Scream April 2010. But don’t run away so fast.

Check out some of the other music photos I have in San Diego of local talent before they get famous.

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It was a big rave. The World Beat Center expected over 1000 people to show up and I would not be surprised if they did. Shark Attack headlined the evening with Turbo Teen opening. The energy in the crowd was amazing. I was hired by an undisclosed production company to photograph the event. Our client was Shark Attack. Although that was my sole purpose in taking pictures that night, I was asked to take many more. Many of the patrons asked for photographs of themselves at the event.

Click here for all of the photos from the APRIL event.

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8 Responses to “Scream at World Beat Center”

  1. Luis Says:

    Umm. How can I view the pictures from scream at the world beat center? The website asks for a password.

  2. Petschek Says:

    Send me an email and I will send you the password.

  3. gloria Says:

    can you send me the password

  4. Luis Says:

    Whats your E-mail??

  5. Petschek Says:

    My email is

  6. charli Says:

    okay im confused. where does it ask for the password?

  7. maiker Says:

    whats the password to see the pics??????

  8. Petschek Says:

    These pictures are for the Scream event in April. If you are looking for the photos from the most recent event I do not have them.

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