Osprey Magazine Cover

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 @ 3:27 pm | editorial, Photography Assignment

The day was warm and the park was active. A wedding to the left and a wedding to the right, Segway trains slicing through the social atmosphere, a peaceful day in the land of San Diego. All of this juxtaposed by Downspell and To Violently Vomit who were standing in for the first edition of Osprey Music Magazine. Both bands were originally scheduled for the featured bands in the music magazine but it all worked according to musician standards. Timing, alcohol and goofing around are part of the business. All that matters in the end is how awesome the cover looks. Thank you to everyone involved, I love my job.

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One Response to “Osprey Magazine Cover”

  1. Corporate Photographer Says:

    Great shot for a front cover and can see you left the important space at the top of the image for titles etc

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