New York 7

Monday, November 9th, 2009 @ 8:39 am | Art, Personal Assignment

One of the most fascniating things about new york is how dirty it is. It is so incredibly dirty that the street sweepers need to go by 3 times a week or it will get out of hand. The “dirt” also applies to the walls, corners, subway seats, signs, asphalt, and any other somewhat smooth surface. Because alas, many people want you to know where they were and leave a mark signifying it.

But I like good graffiti and that’s mostly what I saw. It is a style of art that is overlooked by the general public. It is inspiring to see. Especially the boy on a corner holding a grenade.

Petschek 090813 1032 New York 7
Blue graffiti on a brick wall in New York
Petschek 090813 1034 New York 7

Graffiti art on a long stretch of a wall in New York

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