New York 3

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 @ 6:23 am | Outdoors, Personal Assignment

After exploring New York for a day the smog and noise began to get to me. I needed to escape. Coincidentally I was in the middle of Manhattan near Central Park. It was in itself an adventure. At eye level you cannot see or hear the city that surrounds you. It is like pure isolation from the metroplitan lifestyle that you are actually engulfed in. Grass everywhere, low key buildings you would find in a national park, trees towering overhead. But in this serene and isolated setting if you look towards the clouds you will see the city gazing back at you as if to remind you that it is all an illusion. So I hide underneath the canopy of the trees to breath the fresh air and turn my back on the concrete guardians.

Petschek 090812 0946 New York 3

Chess in the park

Petschek 090812 0959 New York 3

The hidden path

Petschek 090812 0969 New York 3

Innovative technology

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