Lululemon Calabasas

Friday, March 30th, 2007 @ 1:43 pm | Photography Assignment, Project

I did a shoot for Lululemon in February. It was my first real photo job so I am stoked. Everything went well and it was a lot of fun. Aside from a small complication with the contract, everything went smoothly. The shoot was on Feb 15th and the images have already been delivered. However I find myself still working on images for that job.

As it turns out I am making prints for the talent on that shoot. The people on the shoot are not professional models. Rather they are local Calabasian fitness trainers. This is the cool thing about Lululemon, they don’t use the most beautiful people to make their product look good. They use real people and get involved with the community. I am stoked to work for them. But anyways, I’m making the Calabasians prints as a thank you for their time.

So for good reason, I am still working on these photos. By this afternoon they should be printed and ready to be mounted.



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