Lake Powell August 2007

Monday, September 3rd, 2007 @ 2:33 pm | Outdoors, Personal Assignment

I recently took a trip to Lake Powell. I got some amazing photos and had a great time. Kate Rice got to experience the Utah desert in all of it’s heat and wonder. The lake was 85 degrees so the heat was never an issue. Mike Petschek discovered the need for an extra battery for his camera. Amber Hill, Peggy Petschek and Kate Rice bonded over margaritas. They also plotted and schemed nicknames for everyones that they served drinks in. Stevey Hill mastered the art of towing a tube and throwing people out of it. That tube was going so fast on those turns. One time Wesley Hill jumped the tube off of a wake and he himself was chucked above the tube that was already airborne. Despite the generator and steering issues it was a lot of fun for everyone that was there. Lake Powell is an incredible raw landscape with an enormous lake in the middle of it. Lake Powell was so rural that until the lake was created 50 years ago, it was the most untouched land in the United States. There is still virgin soil in many places surrounding Lake Powell.

ok here are some sample photos.

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