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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 @ 6:29 pm | Art, Personal Assignment

Here are some photos of camping at Lake Cuyamaca taken in August 2008. John Snay invited Christian, Daryl Schifflet and I to go camping at Lake Cuyamaca in San Diego California. As the story goes, we got lost on our way up. We went up the 79 for a ways. There was some cool scenery along the way though.
After we found the site and setup our tents it was time to play. The beer started flowing, the guitar heroes rose up and the chess games commenced. Although it was peacefull and laid back, it got boring after a while and it was dark. So I got out my camera and started taking some night photos. Naturally I didn’t bring a tripod so I was forced to stabilize the camera on a rock or the ground. That gave me an awesome vantage point. I was shooting 30 second exposures. It was a full moon too! I got some great shots of the night time to look like day. I love these kinds of shots because it looks like daytime but you can see the stars starting to streak across the sky and the lights of the rangers office across the lake.

The next day was another hike and a lot more photos. I took an awesome panoramic that I will post later.
Thank you Mr Snay for having us come along. Thank you Steven, Ollie and Chris for the good times as well. It is always fun hanging out with John Snay and Daryl Schifflett. Christian was a bag all the time.

Lake Cuyamaca Photos

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