Jamul Kiln

Thursday, May 17th, 2007 @ 4:02 pm | Outdoors, Personal Assignment
Petschek 070403 1785 Jamul Kiln







Lucas found out about this 100 year old kiln in the middle of Jamul. I am always down for a new adventure. From 1889-1892 a company ored limestone out of the hills in limestone, used rail cars to hall it to the kiln, then heated it so they could make cement out of it. They went out of business and disassembled the wooden structure that surrounded it. However they left the 3 story high kiln still standing in the middle of Jamul. The Jamul Portland Cement Manufacturing Company was founded in 1889. for more information visit the San Diego Historical Society Website

These are some pictures of our adventure.

Petschek 070403 1678 Jamul Kiln Petschek 070403 1702 Jamul Kiln Petschek 070403 1749 Jamul Kiln
Petschek 070403 1719 Jamul Kiln Petschek 070403 1691 Jamul Kiln Petschek 070403 1720 Jamul Kiln
Petschek 070403 1723 Jamul Kiln Petschek 070403 1758 Jamul Kiln
Petschek 070403 1759 Jamul Kiln This is a view inside the of the Jamul Kiln chimney looking up. A nice green Jamul gnome took the photo of us. Petschek 070403 1766 Jamul Kiln Petschek 070403 1698 Jamul Kiln

there are more photos of the kiln in Jamul California at zachpetschek.com/jamulkiln

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Whatever happen to that little green gnome? Didn’t he say something about needing a ride? Oh well he can fend for himself. Next time I’m in San Diego we’re going to go scope out some more treasures of the 19th century, be ready.

  2. Goat Canyon Trestle | Zach Petschek Photography Blog Says:

    […] Jamul Kiln […]

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