HesH SesH Anniversary

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 @ 10:46 pm | hesh sesh, skateboarding

The first year has passed. Many great events behind us and many more ahead of us. Skateboarding. This HesH SesH marks the beginning of the next year. John Snay and Zach Petschek have been putting this together every other month since the first one on March 31st, 2007. At the last one we had an astro jump that was a hit. We decided to top ourselves this time with something better. We reserved a joisting arena instead. You’ll have to see the images to understand. I knew someone would get hurt at some point. This thing was too much fun for someone not to walk away with a limp, or gash. Craig Price too the prize on that one. Apparently Daryl Schiflett was a soldier in a past life. Daryl hit Craig so hard in the head that he gushed blood all over the mat from large hole in the middle of his head. Needless to say no one would fight Daryl after that.

Thanks to some contributions from Black Wax we held a second best trick contest. This one was a hard one to judge. Everyone was given 15 minutes to throw down their best shit. Back noseblunt, bigspin front B 270 out, hard flip back 50, kickflip front Board 270 out, kickflip back smith, switch lip. It was hard to judge. Finally we had a tie with big spin front board 270 and hard flip back 50. Thank you Black wax for your donations.

Enough with the words, here’s some god damn photos.

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John Snay and Daryl Schiflett Craig Price with a hole in his head Sick ass Smith Grind on the Box
Craig Price laughing at the amount of blood that pooled out of his head on the mat Balanced Frontside Nosegrind across the whole Box Kickflip Front Board on the Green Rail
Steezy Front board the Entire Rail Kickflip Back 50 the RAIL! John Snay and Alec Hooker taking out some agression before the close end of the day.

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