Goat Canyon Trestle

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 @ 11:34 pm | Outdoors, Personal Assignment

Petschek 071230 2759 Goat Canyon Trestle East of El Cajon, east of Alpine, East of The Golden Acorn Casino, keep going keep going. All the way to the edge of the county. You reach a sign that says “Jacumba Next Exit.” Pull off and drive down a dirt road for a half mile. Find a place to park and grab your water. It’s a 7 mile hike along the train tracks. Straight up “Stand By Me” steez. Six tunnels, three of which are so long that you cannot see the ground in front of you although you can see the exit. One of those is a half a mile long. This is where Lucas and I decided to make our next adventure.

There are goats and hawks, and cactus and dirt and rocks. There is debris from excavations of yester-year. You pass by damaged train cars that collided with a rock or fell off the cliff to deteriorate into time. At the end of the road is the largest wooden trestle in the world. At its highest point it’s 180 tall. It curves from one peak to another, one tunnel to another. It was fun and exciting but next time I’m riding a bike instead.
More Goat Canyon Trestle photos

Petschek 071230 2434 Goat Canyon TrestleAbandoned train. Michelle Oleary climbing in. Petschek 071230 2588 Goat Canyon TrestleA collapsed tunnel. Petschek 071230 2688 Goat Canyon TrestleThe trestle, underside.
Petschek 071230 2624 Goat Canyon TrestleOne of several tunnels that we had to walk slowly, toes pointed upward to avoid damage. Petschek 071230 2691 Goat Canyon TrestleView from a catwalk in the middle of the trestle. Michelle Oleary playing. Petschek 071230 2695 Goat Canyon TrestleTrestle as it might have looked a long time ago since the world was black and white then.
Petschek 071230 2698 Goat Canyon TrestleTrestle at Goat Canyon – Underside Petschek 071230 2706 Goat Canyon TrestleGoat Canyon Trestle 3 Petschek 071230 2711 Goat Canyon TrestleTunnel entrance Arin Buresch.
Petschek 071230 2729 Goat Canyon TrestleIt’s amazing how clear and bright the sun is outside of the city. Petschek 071230 2744 Goat Canyon TrestleThe walk back. Petschek 071230 2751 Goat Canyon TrestleMichelle Oleary teetering at the edge of a cliff

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