Fun at Sunset

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 @ 6:51 am | Personal Assignment

Funny how it even came about but I was doing a test shoot for a shoot I have with Injinji tomorrow. I was stuffing photographing a sock in my backyard. I feel I at least get an A for Affort but it wasn’t really working out for me. The sock was filled with plastic bags, shoelaces and batteries. It looked like a scarecrow with elephantiasis. Needless to say my roommate was giving me crap for it. She eventually volunteered to foot model so I could dial in my lighting before my shoot.

Afterwards before I tore down she asked me to take her picture. I left the lighting the same and came up with a different way to shoot portraits. Later that afternoon we continued the shoot at sunset by the pool. Classic California but I still had fun. I referred back to a shoot I did with Miray from a few years ago. I ended up with some cool shots for the blog all because I was bad at stuffing a sock. Go figure.

petschek 090614 6242 Fun at Sunset

Big glasses smoking.

petschek 090614 6274 Fun at Sunset

Powerful and seductive

petschek 090614 6230 Fun at Sunset

Hollywood Glamour

petschek 090614 6197 edit Fun at Sunset

Fantastical land of Vistation

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