Fairen Del Photoshoot for Carlsbad Magazine

Thursday, November 5th, 2009 @ 6:09 am | editorial, Photography Assignment

I did a job in September for Carlsbad Magazine. It was for the community section of the November/December issue. Fairen Del Boutique was having their annual fashion show. The event was at the Vigilucci’s restaurant in Carlsbad. It was a lot of fun. I guess my interpretation of a fashion show is a little skewed. I walked in expecting a runway type of a setting. That’s the lighting that I prepared for. Rather than something simple like that they would walk from table to table modeling the clothes for every group while talking about the product. That means they were facing the tables most of the night which doesn’t really setup well for a photo of the clothing.

With some quick thinking I adjusted my groove and got the job done. Direct flash always looks like crap in a dark room. You either have a black background or orange ghost trails. Bounce flash is difficult when the ceiling is 75% brown support beams and the walls are too far away. Needless to say it was a little difficult but all in a days work. For those of you that know who she is, Loretta Swift was there at the tables as well. I wasn’t expecting celebrities.

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