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Saturday, December 11th, 2010 @ 8:23 am | Photography Assignment, portrait
Young family under the shade of a tree in Balboa Park

Mother father and son under a tree in a San Diego Park

In a new venture I began shooting for Christmas cards this year. This shoot was a lot of fun. I knew I was dealing with an infant and anyone that has ever photographed a miniature person knows they have a short attention span. Shorter than themselves. It is also easy for them to get intimidated by big ugly gear and bright flashes of light. So I chose a park in the late afternoon light. Little Nolan had a lot to look at and it was a relaxing setting. Plus my flashes were not as noticeable outside when they fire.

I used a q-flash with a shoot through umbrella on one side and a small 285hv almost on camera axis also shoot through umbrella. The purpose of the light was to fill in the shadows and smooth the skin. Although we were not in a forest, there were still enough trees around to block any light coming from the horizon line. Most of the light was coming from directly overhead so I got shadows under the eyes as if it were high noon.

The next step was to keep make Nolan forget what was happening and smile. That’s easy. I had the parents play with him. No one knows how to make a child laugh better than the parents. It worked flawlessly. My only disappointment is that we had gotten all of the shots in 45 minutes. I will have to book more Christmas card shoots in a single day to keep shooting.

Father playing with son

Father playing with his son tossing him into the air

Mother and happy son

Happy infant being held by his mother in a park in San Diego

black and white family portrait

Family portrait at the park in the late afternoon

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