Camping at KQ Ranch with the Snays

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 @ 7:01 pm | Art, hesh sesh, Photography Assignment, Project

The Snay family camp trips are always a blast. We have good food and places to hike and they mob 10+Image:petschek_080530_4743 deep. This year was a little more tame but still a blast. KQ Ranch is up the 79 highway in San Diego County. John Snay and I drove up Friday afternoon to meet everyone. It was a cool sunset so we stopped to have a gander.

When we arrived to the campsite everyone else was there; Larry Snay, Marylou Snay, Steven Snay, Korey Penley, and Lawrence. The campsite sat ontop of a hill overlooking a canyon. Apparently they were testing turbines engines for cargo planes at the bottom of the canyon because it was ridiculously windy the whole trip. Our tent was under brutal attack from the wind all night long which made it difficult to fall asleep, but I managed.

The next morning it was time to hike. John, Lawrence and I set out to find a direction to explore in. After spotting a reasonably tall hill we went back to the campsite to gather our stuff and go. We set out for our little venture. If you ever have a chance to explore the area around the KQ Ranch I suggest you do so. The campgrounds are nice but a little more like a country club than a campground. However it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and a lot of interesting things. The area surrounding the campground was burned by the Witch Fire in San Diego in 2007.

The hike was good and the view at the top was awesome. John Snay hiking up the hill at KQ RanchThe top of the summit was even windier than our campsite. We could actually lean into the wind. That provided some good times. After the hike we played a few random games enjoying carne asada and a few well deserved beers. What wasn’t deserved was the sunburn on my forehead that made it swell up. Is that even possible?
The food was good and the outdoors was awesome. A couple pulled in to the campsite next to us that evening and we had a couple drinks with them as well. They were a cool couple Riverside. She was a dealer (not sure if that’s at a casino or car sales) and that’s how she got the tickets.

Lawrence roughin it at the KQ Ranch Korey Penley being a little Andy Warhol in posing.

The night photography among a bunch of creative skateboarders took up the entire evening until we crashed out. For more photos click here

Smores and someone with a laser pointer.

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