Broke on June 24 2007

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 @ 8:51 pm | skateboarding

Petschek 070624 5084 Broke on June 24 2007
Steezy pop shuvit down blockbuster’s gap *Jared
Petschek 070624 5080 Broke on June 24 2007
Nollie Bigspin down a not so small gap. *Oscar
Petschek 070624 5087 Broke on June 24 2007
Petschek 070624 4870 Broke on June 24 2007
Heelflip Back Fiver, Switch! *James Washington
Petschek 070624 5106 Broke on June 24 2007
These guys are dedicated and make skateboarding fun again. It’s fun skating and hanging out with them because it reminds me of skating way back when. Here’s some stuff that went down on that day.

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  1. james washington Says:

    great photos zach

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