Brick By Brick Show

Thursday, February 26th, 2009 @ 5:04 am | Music, Project

The music photography is getting popular right now and I am slowly booking more and more gigs. I really enjoy music photography because it leaves the most creativity in production. It let’s me flex my creative muscle. Recently Brick By Brick held a show featuring Despite The Wolves, Man Made Man, One Theory, Aizen, and Silence Betrayed. Fuckin kick ass show. I got there early to setup my lighting. It’s difficult to plan out a shoot on stage because the band is constantly moving, the stage lights keep changing, and you can’t make the crowd feel intimidated. I like shooting at Brick By Brick because of all the open space on and around the stage. I have room to get any angle and put my lights to somewhat evenly light the stage. I played around with different combinations of strobes, ambient light and on camera flash through out the entire night. I was there for 6 hours so I had plenty of time to dial it in and try something new. I’d say the most difficult scenario was when Man Made Man and Silence Betrayed used a lot of smoke on stage. It renders my on camera flash useless. The flash just bounces the light off the smoke right back into the camera without even lighting my subject. Stage lighting and off camera flash are the solution here. This is all photography 101.

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