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Saturday, February 26th, 2011 @ 11:08 am | spam email

I absolutely love these things. They have been using the same exact tactics for years and continue to do so. That means it works!

Hello ,
I know this email might come as a surprise to you. Actually I search out your
email on Web directory and decided to contact you for urgent help. I am a
barrister from Malaysia working with Balan Govind & Associates and legal
representative to the late Mr. Raphael Petschek.

My main purpose of contacting you is to seek out your permission to present you
to the finance-firm as the beneficiary to the total sum of $57,200.000.00 United
States Dollars, in intent of my late client, who died without a will. This fund
was deposited with a finance institution. All I require is your honest
partnership and for you to protect our interest by keeping this claim
undisclosed and private, as your interest will be equally protected.

All the papers will be processed in your name, if you accept this claim and we
are going to adopt a legalized method in the whole matter that will protect us
from any violation of the law. Remember, levelheaded 50% will go to both sides
once the claim is completed. If the proposal does not conform with your moral
principles please, do accept my sincere apologies. If on the other extreme
kindly open a communication with me.

I look forward to hear from you.


Hardin Balan, Esq

Follow Up 03/25/2011

Another person was sent an identical email. They had the audacity reply back and this is how the conversation went. Following is the response after the first email.

For privacy I deleted the other person’s name and email.

Subject: RE: Hi XXX XXXX
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 18:44:28 -0700

What city in Malaysia?

Subject: RE: Hi XXX XXXX
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 23:29:54 +0800

I am in Kuala Lumpur city.


Subject: RE: Hi XXX XXXX
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 09:30:48 -0700

Okay, tell me more.

Subject: Details on how we can proceed
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 01:27:44 +0800


Thank you for your email and your wiliness to proceed with me in this claim. I want to present you to the firm as a legal next of kin to my client who died without a Will; I will need your confidence and commitment in the whole process. An affidavit of claim will be secured from the high court that will prove you the sole beneficiary to the deceased thereby allowing the bank to accept our claim and have the fund transferred to your choice of account after we have secured all the documents that will prove you authenticity from the court. I will introduce you to the firm for confirmation before we proceed to the court where all the necessary documents will be obtain on your behalf before we proceed to the bank to claim the fund as the bona-fide beneficiary of my late client.

I will need your credentials to know whom I am dealing with as I would not want to anything that will jeopardize this claim, a copy of your passport, your current address and a contact phone number which also will be needed in the procuring the legal documents from the court. After the court has approved and endorse your application, then we proceed to the bank for the transfer of the fund to your designated account.

Regarding the sharing of the fund, (Either by invested together or otherwise) I will get the 50% of the fund, you will benefit 50% and all expenses that we made prior to the conclusion of this transaction will be taken care by you and me. An agreement will be drafted that will protect your interest as well as mine in this whole process and will also protect us from any violation of the law prior and after this transaction is concluded and it will be notarized by the Notary Club of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

I am waiting for your email with the details required so we can speed up the process as we don’t have much time to waste in this transaction. If you have any question to ask, do not fail to bring them forward in other to make sure you fully understand this claim.

I have attached a copy of my passport for my identification and call me once you receive my email for more details.

Hardin Balan. Esq
LL.B (Hons) Lond, CLP
+6 016 303 5040

Subject: RE: Details on how we can proceed
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 10:34:47 -0700

Sounds good. I will be happy to send you those things.

But you must call me today: xxx-xxx-xxxx is my home line and my office number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

After we have spoken on the phone, I will need to have some security from you as well:

a copy of your passport
your current address (not a PO Box)
a reference

I am waiting by my telephone.

Thank you.

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