Zach Petschek grew up in Lemon Grove, California. It is a very down to earth kind of place. Very middle class suburbia complete with small town domestic violence, robberies, police chases, festivals like “Old Time Days” and the Berry St Park Lemon Grove LemonSummer Concerts, and a great big lemon in the middle of town.

Always exciting and everything is full of character. Zach picked up his first camera at 12. It was a disposable film camera. That’s when he fell in love. As he took up skateboarding in Lemon Grove CA, photography just went hand in hand. Him and his friends would go pick up disposable cameras at the store and take pictures all day. The shutter was slow and the flash was crap but the essence was still there. With no former training he watched how pictures were taken in magazines and how light works in the world.

After 3 years of playing with film and having no freaking idea how it even worked, Zach finally took a photography class at Mount Miguel High School. It was from then on that he had a camera on him at all times. He taught himself more than he was being taught. Zach had so much fun shooting his own stuff that he completely skipped the assignments. He would spend every moment he could in the dark room or shooting. Eventually his professor told him that as long as he is shooting and printing, he didn’t have to turn in any assignments, and that’s exactly what he did. Zach became notorious for processing 8+ rolls every couple days.

Knowing that his imagination is limited by technical knowledge he took his education to new heights and received a Bachelors Degree in photography. He has since developed his own unique style that spawns from skateboarding and his past hardships.

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