American in a German Hotel

May 22, 2014 by Petschek in Something Funny

This story was way too good not to share. A few months ago I went to Germany which is 9 hours ahead of California. Stay with me, it’s relevant. I know that at midnight Pacific time, they are just getting into the office in Germany. I was traveling for 18 hours straight and I was dead tired. The plan was to wake up at 7am and meet two female colleagues for breakfast then catch a taxi at 8am. I woke up to my cell phone ringing at 11:55pm. I didn’t answer because it was probably a call from back home and the roaming rates would be outrageous. So I laid back down and then thought for a moment.

Oh crap! I realized that my phone is still set on Pacific time and that was one of my colleagues calling to find out where I am. It’s 9am in Germany. I was so tired I slept through my alarm! I lept out of bed to gather my things and get dressed. In less than 5 minutes I was on my way downstairs. It’s still dark outside because it’s winter and I am farther north than San Francisco. First I ran outside to find them waiting by the taxi. No one was outside. So I rushed to the restaurant we were going to meet at. I asked a server if two girls were there earlier waiting for me. Perplexed, she said no one had been there. They must have called me from the front desk! So I went to the front counter of the hotel and asked if there were two girls looking for me. I still had crust in my eyes and my hair was a mess. My hair was greasy and my voice was still coarse. The two men at the front desk again gave me a puzzled look and said no one has been there for quite some time.

It slowly dawned on me what was happening. My phone was correct, it’s midnight. An unshowered man is rushing around the hotel lobby looking for two girls. I’m sure they still tell the story of an American man trying to get some action at midnight in his hotel.


American in a German Hotel

May 22, 2014 by Petschek in Something Funny

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